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Schramm T450GT

Water Well • Environmental • Geothermal • Exploration

The Schramm T450GT is a compact, maneuverable track mounted drill rig with a large volume, high pressure air compressor. A deck mounted diesel engine provides reliable power for all hydraulic and air systems. Rugged top head drive rotation and efficient pipe handling mean high productivity on the job site.

The T450GT is specially configured for drilling geothermal bores with down-the-hole hammer techniques. An optional mud pump can be offered for added flexibility in regions where unconsolidated formations occur.

  • Equipped with 1050 cfm @ 350 psi (27 cu. m/min. @ 24.1 bar) air compressor with clutch
  • Reliable, fuel efficient deck engine powers compressor & load sensing hydraulic system
  • Top head drive standard with floating sub and off-hole slide
  • Pipe Carousel for 12 pcs of 4-1/2 inches pipe or 15 pcs of 3-1/2 inches pipe

Water Well   Environmental
Geothermal   Exploration
  1. Geocase Casing Rotaor System

    GEOCASE™ is a casing rotator system that allows the driller to place casing and drill pipe simultaneously without stopping to change equipment set up. It features a rotary drive table fixed to a sliding mast feed system. Utilizing the tilting top head function, the casing is loaded into the rotary drive for easy installation. The sliding mast provides the feed force which advances 6 or 8 inch steel casing through unconsolidated overburden formations including heaving sands, gravel and glacial till. Cuttings are routed through a discharge swivel and sent to a cyclone to control placement of the drilled material. Upon completion of the casing installation, drilling continues until reaching target depth.
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    T450GT Dimensional Drawing

    For general illustration purposes only. Actual weights and dimensions may vary. All rigs configured to order. Click illustration to enlarge.
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