Quality runs deep at Schramm, for more than 100 years.

You may be surprised to hear we have 4th generation employees that take quality as seriously now as their great-grandfathers did when Made in America craftsmanship had true meaning.

More than 75 percent of our products are sold overseas to the toughest environments of the Arctic Circle, the Tropics of Central Africa and extreme altitudes of the Peruvian Andes. Quality counts in these harsh environments where safety, reliability and ease of use trumps all other considerations, and you truly do get what you pay for.

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POWER BREAKOUT Now Available on Schramm T450 and T685 Series Rigs

Nobody works harder to make your job easier…or safer. With our latest innovation, Schramm has significantly improved both drilling safety and production efficiency for mineral exploration drilling. With our new hands-free power breakout system available on T450 and T685 rigs, crews are now able to work faster and safer by eliminating manual pipe handling.

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Schramm Industry Leading Innovations: air-CONTROL® i-CONTROL® LoadSafe® Pipe Handling Telemast® Pason EDR


Over a century ago, a Pennsylvania man began a legacy.

The legacy of innovation, service and leadership that continues to define our culture today. Founded in 1900 by Chris D. Schramm as an engine driven machinery and portable air compressor manufacturer, the company has grown and prospered through a strong commitment to both customer and employee loyalty. Learn More

Now and into the future, these principles continue to drive our business. Since introducing the first air flush drills to the industry in the 1950's, Schramm has become a global leader in cutting edge, easily customized mobile drilling rigs serving industries around the world, including energy, mining, geothermal and water well. About Schramm.

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Nobody has your back like Schramm.

At Schramm, we go to great lengths to design and build the toughest, most reliable drilling equipment available. But lets face it, few processes are harder on equipment than punching holes in the earth. No matter how strong you build it, parts wear and equipment breaks.

At Schramm, our service teams know very well how expensive downtime can be to any drilling operation. That's why we also go to great lengths to ensure that when something goes down out there, we do whatever it takes to get you back to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. From expert technicians on call around the clock, to 24/7 mobile service
and parts availability including air support, nobody has your back like Schramm.

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Industry training at its best.

Schramm is committed to improving safety, product life cycle and professionalism within our industry through comprehensive factory training. From entry level personnel to the company owner, our courses teach best practices that stress safe operation, encourage proper preventative maintenance, maximize profitability and reinforce friendship within our industry.

Face-to-face interaction across all departments during our factory training sessions provides knowledge, but more important, gives alumni someone to call when solutions to on site surprises need to be found.

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What's new at Schramm? You can't begin to imagine.

We are pleased to share recent news and developments within our company and the industries we serve.

If you are new to the business, a long time customer or a respected competitor, we are proud to be a part of the drilling industry, and are grateful for the opportunity to share what knowledge and experience we can. We have no secrets among friends.

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