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Comprehensive Final Test

Automated Process

Individual test requirements for each rig are developed by manufacturing engineers. Hydraulic circuit test points are assembled into and shipped with each rig. Transducers attached to the test points provide hands free circuit testing and information accumulation.

A $4.5 million investment into test not only improved the test process, but also improved test technician safety and eliminated the risk of environmental pollution.

Dynamic Test Pad

At Schramm we realize the importance of verifying that the products we send out meet all the functional, performance, design and implementation requirements identified.  In preparation for final assembly and testing of the T500XD, Schramm invested over $2.5 million dollars on a multi-use test pad.
This test pad provides a unique combination of a cased hole at 12 ½ inch diameter and 1,250  ft deep, along with the capability of handling a pullback of over 500,000 lbs.  The cased hole allows the driller the ability to hang drill collars and provides a “weight on bit” simulation to thoroughly test the control system of the rig.  The pullback feature permits the testing of each T500XD at full load. 

The test pad occupies over 1 acre of real estate and provides a complete simulation of the drill site set-up, including: Sub-Structure, Power Trailer, Mast Unit, LoadSafe and Control Room. 

The concrete base of the pad varies in thickness from 18 inches to 8 ft thick and contains over 300,000 lbs of rebar, depending upon required characteristics of the various sections of the pad.  In addition, the pad is equipped with an environmentally friendly, self-contained drainage system connected to a 10,000 gallon oil/water separator to capture any liquids during the assembly or testing process. 

Schramm acquired a 104 ton crane for use during the final assembly process of the mast to the mast trailer.  This crane allows Schramm to move components of the drill rig, sub-structure and pipe handler with ease.

The entire test pad project took approximately 9 months to construct and was completed on time, enabling the maiden T500XD to be assembled and tested on site.

Top Head Dyno Test Fixture

Schramm installed a massive test fixture specifically designed to verify mechanical design life and operating integrity of the T500XD drill rig top head drive and slab-back.
With the dyno test fixture, we have essentially created an accelerated lifecycle test designed to reflect real world drilling conditions by utilizing a 1,200 HP hydraulic power unit capable of developing 4,500 psi and 350 gpm attached to a fixture that replicates the T500XD mast mounting assembly. This system can develop 35,000 ft-lbs of torque with a rotational speed of 140 RPM.  Hydraulic cylinders within the test fixture are capable of a static pull load of 500,000 lbs, a push of 80,000 lbs and a radial load of 10,000 lbs to simulate real world horizontal drilling.

We can now rigorously test each T500XD top head drive in the plant with full performance documentation before the rig is assembled and placed into final test at the factory prior to shipment to the field. This multi-stage QC process provides documented validation to the highest standards of the oil & gas industry, and shows the additional steps Schramm takes to maximize rig reliability and performance.