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We Are Customer Driven

From the first steps of a customer order, Schramm is focused on quality. All orders receive a review by the sales and engineering staff to determine the accuracy of the order and if special design requirements are required. When an unique design is required a team of engineers is assigned to the project. Solidworks, an internationally recognized  computer aided design package is utilized to insure that form, fit and function are assured. As the design is completed and released to build in manufacturing, the planning group loads data into our Oracle ERP system. Oracle is one of the largest and most respected materials planning systems available on the market today. By using Oracle we are able to plan material and labor to meet customer delivery schedules.

Schramm has invested over $6,000,000 in plant and equipment improvements. New lathes, welders, cutting machines and material handling systems have improved the quality of our machined and fabricated parts. Additionally, the focus on lean assembly cells, modeled after the Toyota Production System, has standardized processes and variability in assembly while significantly reducing rig delivery lead time. Our manufacturing technicians have some of the highest levels of technical expertise in our industry with an average tenure exceeding 20 years, reinforced by continuous education to maintain and enhance multiple skill sets.