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Lean Manufacturing Cells

In Schramm’s sub-assembly area, the most modern lean assembly techniques are employed. Large screen displays show the operators what materials to use and the sequence in which to assemble them. 70% of the material used in the cells are stored within 30 feet of the operator’s work station. All work stations have similar layout, custom tooled to provide the highest level of process repeatability and quality.

Main Assembly

In the main assembly area, sub-assemblies are integrated into a final product. Assembly teams are responsible for the assembly of the product from start to finish. Prior to handing over the rig to the test department, the operators conduct a final audit to insure the rig is correct and ready for test.


Schramm operates one prime and two high solids top coat paint booths which meet all EPA and OSHA standards. OurĀ painting process offers superior corrosion resistance and a durable, dependable coating. Our painters pay close attentionĀ to detail, providing a high gloss, smooth finish when the rig is delivered.