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Schramm T455WS

Water Well • Environmental • Geothermal • Exploration • Blast Hole & Mining

The Schramm T455WS is a compact, maneuverable truck mounted drill rig with a large volume, high pressure air compressor.  A deck mounted diesel engine provides reliable power for all hydraulic and air systems.  Separate drill rig sub frame design permits stable mounting on standard trucks, the Schramm tracked drill carrier and trailers.  Mounting on various other trucks and special purpose vehicles of other manufacture is also available.  Rugged top head drive rotation and efficient pipe handling mean high productivity on the job site, more time spent drilling.

The T455WS is ideally suited for drilling water wells, monitoring wells, blast-holes, mineral exploration and geothermal bores with down-the-hole hammer and mud rotary techniques need for the toughest deep drilling applications.

  • 28.5 feet (8.68 m) top head travel mast
  • 40,000 lb (18,144 kg) pullup
  • Patented Schramm air-Control compressor air delivery system
  • Fuel efficient 1800 rpm deck engine
  • 1050/350 (27 cu. m/min. @ 24.1 bar) air compressor with clutch
  • Sliding top head, 15,000 lb (6,808 kg) winch
  • 15 pipe 3-1/2 inch (88.9 mm) or 12 pipe 4-1/2 inch (114 mm) lazy susan carousel
  • Fuel saving variable speed cooling fan & patented compressor controls
  1. Equipped with air-Control

    Equipped with Air Control

    The revolutionary Air Control system manages the compressor and variable speed fan controls to maintain a constant pressure and temperature on the system with a simple interface. Learn More About air-Control
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