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Schramm FURY 130

Mobile, Powerful and Efficient

Truck Mounted Rig

Large Diameter Water Well 

The Schramm FURY 130 is the highly mobile and impressively powerful rig that you’ve always wished for.  Its combination of agility, power and serviceability make it a revolutionary and unrivaled drilling rig.  With 130,000 lbs of pullback capacity the FURY can tackle the toughest jobs.

All hydraulic functions are run from a power take-off (PTO) liberating the rig’s other engine to be solely devoted to the air compressor.  With a split shaft PTO the FURY rig can achieve a 15% fuel savings over comparable rigs and provides a combined 1,050 total horsepower.

The FURY 130 is designed with a cab-over truck design that maximizes the available space on the rig.  The Cab-over design pushes the cab to the very front of the rig to maximize driver visibility and to properly balance weight.  The cab over design also allows for a much lower overall height allowing for 50-state DOT compliance with regular permits in the domestic market.  A large windshield, low profile dash, large mirrors and an ergonomic driving position combined with dual steer front axles and a 40 ft turning radius make it easy to navigate in narrow places.


  • 130,000 lbs (58,967 kg) Pull-back capacity
  • 32,000 lbs (14,515 kg) Hydraulically controlled
    pull-down capacity
  • 1050 cfm @ 350 psi (27 cu. m/min. @ 24.1 bar) with Cummins QSX15 580HP engine
  • Titling top head with 19,370 ft-lb of torque
  • 50-state DOT on-road compliance with regular permits
  • Ground-level plumbed connections for auxiliary air plumbing, booster connection and the mud line
  • Tier IV-Final compliant engines


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