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Schramm Telemast FAQ

Why a Telemast?

  • Economics of unconventional gas plays require lower cost, highly mobile, more efficient drilling rigs
  • Current industry wide shortages of experienced rig hands dictate ease of operation, reliable performance and safety
  • Over 200 field proven Schramm Telemast rigs in operation since 2003

What are some of the key features of the Schramm Telemast?

  • Small foot print – patented Telemast retracts for short transport length, handles Range III tubulars
  • All hydraulic operation – fluid power takes the hard work out of rough necking
  • Fast set-up – all hydraulic leveling and mast erection in minutes
  • No derrick man – LoadSafe automated pipe handler eliminates this position
  • No racking board – drill pipes are stowed horizontally on hydraulic racks
  • No tongs – power breakout (hydraulic roughneck) makes and breaks tool joints
  • No rotary table & spinning chains – uses top head drive for make-up with rotation torque limiter and i-Control to carefully monitor and control rotation torque
  • Top head drive offers the ability to rotate and circulate when coming out of the hole.  This significantly reduces drag in horizontal drilling applications
  • No drawworks – hydraulic feed cylinders maintain precise bit loads
  • Fewer drill collars – hydraulic pull-down reduces or eliminates heavy drill collars,  lessens total string  weight, advances drill bit in horizontal applications
  • No manual slips – holding slips are pulled and set hydraulically
  • No elevators – top drive hydraulically tilts out to pick-up drill pipe
  • Less over-head lifting – LoadSafe hydraulically raises and presents pipe to the top head, eliminates lifting slings and tuggers – replaces the V-Door.
  • Less thread damage – floating sub cushions thread engagement

What is the capacity of the tilt out top head?

  • Range II drill collars up to 5000 lbs  can be handled by the tilt out top head.

What is the top head clearance?

  • Distance from casing lift eyes to top of table is 53 ft (top head at max height).

What is the max fluid pressure rating?

  • Current fluid pressure rating is 3000 psi max.