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POWER BREAKOUT Now Available on
Schramm T450 and T685 Series Rigs

Nobody works harder to make your job easier…or safer. With our latest innovation, Schramm has significantly improved both drilling safety and production efficiency for mineral exploration drilling. With our new hands-free power breakout system available on T450 and T685 rigs, crews are now able to work faster and safer by eliminating manual pipe handling.

This new system improves pipe handling safety by reducing direct physical contact with the drill pipe during drilling operations. It also speeds connections by eliminating the manual tongs typically used when tripping into and out of the borehole. Used in conjunction with the hydraulic holding fork; the hydraulic Power Breakout slides out to align with the tool joints, clamps on the upper connection and then rotates to break the tool joints. Once broken, the jaws are released and reset to the break-ready position and the assembly is retracted back into the mast. This system is designed to work with drill pipe ranging from 3 to 5-1/2 inch (76 to 140 mm) OD and can provide breakout torque up to 16,000 ft-lbs (21,693 N-m).

The Power Breakout defines the maximum usable table opening of the rig, so consult the factory for larger diameter drilling requirements to verify Power Breakout compatibility with your application.