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The Pason Electronic Drilling Recorder

A robust system of computers and sensors networked around a rig, the Pason Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR) provides drilling data to personnel on the rigsite, and also to your office, home computer, and mobile device. The Pason EDR transmits information around the rigsite and provides easy access to comprehensive information on-demand. The Pason EDR can serve on conventional, unconventional, or coiled tubing rigs.

Pason EDR features:

  • Monitors bit position at all times
  • Stores all drilling data to disk every ten seconds
  • Accesses historical well data
  • Scales all sensor traces individually
  • Adds and renumbers joints automatically on pipe tally screen
  • Provides notification of arrival of lagged samples via the sample catcher screen
  • Includes a messaging and memo system
  • Calculates and tracks drilling line wear, ROP, WOB, and total pump output
  • Tracks bit and circulating hours
  • Displays mechanical specific energy in both vertical and horizontal/directional hole sections
  • Includes the wellsite information transfer standard (WITS) protocol to allow the system to communicate with other service companies
  • Connects with additional Pason products including the Pason Pit Volume Totalizer, Pason AutoDriller, Pason Total Gas System, Pason Gas Analyzer, Pason Hazardous Gas Alarm, and Pason Electronic Choke Actuator

Pason EDR components:

  • Doghouse color touch screen computer
  • Workstation and printer
  • Connections for 12 additional workstations
  • Custom sensors and cables
  • Basic reporting features available on the Pason DataHub
  • Pason Automatically-Aiming Satellite System
  • Electronic Tour Sheet (ETS) software (IADC and CAODC Licensed)
  • Contractor Morning Report (CMR) software

Pason custom sensors

Hook load sensor:

  • Measures pullback and hook load using a clevis load pin (4-20 mA output)
  • Determines the string weight and weight on bit (WOB)
  • Measures the upper pullback cable tension up to 100klb with a 3:1 safety factor
  • Factory installation ensures that the tension between the two cables is within 1klb and the difference in absolute measurement stays relatively unchanged through the full range of pullback (0 to 110,000lb)

Depth encoder:

  • Measures the position (direction and distance) of the top head
  • Determines the pipe velocity, rate of penetration (ROP), and total depth
  • Measures depth in increments of  3/8” resolution or 32 counts per foot

Technology Deployed Simply

Pason designs technology that is simple to deploy, use, and maintain. And they back it up with the industry’s best standard of care. This translates into increased rig uptime, improved efficiency, and reduced operating costs. At the rig, in the office, or on the go, Pason makes technology work. Simply.

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