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Innovative Casing Rotator Option Enhances Production Efficiency

GEOCASE™ is a casing rotator system that allows the driller to place casing and drill pipe simultaneously without stopping to change equipment set up. It features a rotary drive table fixed to a sliding mast feed system. Utilizing the tilting top head function, the casing is loaded into the rotary drive for easy installation.

The sliding mast provides the feed force which advances 6 or 8 inch steel casing through unconsolidated overburden formations including heaving sands, gravel and glacial till. Cuttings are routed through a discharge swivel and sent to a cyclone to control placement of the drilled material. Upon completion of the casing installation, drilling continues until reaching target depth.

With the T450GT track rig and GEOCASE™ combination, simultaneous installation of casing is simplified, with less equipment on site, thereby significantly lowering operating costs.

Once casing placement is completed, drilling can continue utilizing an on board pipe carousel and other time proven features that are included with standard Schramm T450GT rigs.

The T450GT itself is a compact, 30,000 lb hoist, highly maneuverable track mounted drill rig with a large volume, high pressure air compressor. The deck mounted diesel engine provides reliable power for the hydraulic systems and air compressor, while the rugged top head drive and efficient pipe handling system provide high productivity at the job site.

“An advantage of this system is that the GEOCASE™ option takes the place of a conventional table, so open hole drilling operations can utilize our standard carousels and enhanced pipe handling systems, “ says Greg Hillier, Product Manager at Schramm. “The sliding mast feed system also offers improved clearance under the table for casing welding or cutting processes.”

For over a century, Schramm has specialized in providing the highest quality equipment available in markets served. With new technologies such as GEOCASE™, Schramm continues to provide a safer, more productive drilling experience to customers around the world.