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The revolutionary Air Control system manages the compressor and variable speed fan controls to maintain a constant pressure and temperature on the system with a simple interface. This automated Compressor control system matches the volume of air created to the volume being consumed by modulating the positioning of the inlet control valve. The valve position is controlled by an attached cylinder. The compressor sump pressure indicates whether the compressor needs to make more or less air to match the consumption. The control system is capable of artificially lowering the pressure below system demand, or lowering the volume below potential with operator overrides.

The Program logic controller (PLC) is the brain of the entire automated Air Control System. The controls on the control panel send commands to the PLC. The PLC then translates those commands to control the cylinder connected to the inlet control valve. The compressor will run at a constant speed dictated by the opening of the inlet control valve . The maximum amount of air can be limited to the compressor system by turning the Volumetric Limit rotary knob on the control panel. This is just a limit of the maximum volume; the actual volume is determined by the compressor pressure set point and loading conditions. The compressor control system monitors engine load and reduces the compressor volume as necessary to prevent the engine from shutting down due to being overloaded. The Air Control system is available for all new rigs with a compressor and can be retrofitted onto older rig models.

Evaluate and Quote Existing Configuration

The full benefits of air-control will depend on your existing drill rig configuration. For a complete evaluation and a quote with expected benefits of air-control, please fill out the online form or Download a PDF and fax it to the Service Department: 610-696-6950

Air-Control Benefits:


  • Factory tests show fuel savings over 10%
  • Cooler operation
  • Automatically matches air volume to DTH pressure requirements

Eliminates Freeze-Up

  • No air regulators, air controls, or pilot lines
  • No coalescing filter

Quiet Operation

  • Reduced air noise when the compressor is unloaded
  • Slower cooling fan speed

Operator Control

  • Operator adjustable pressure and volume from the control panel