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People, Technology and Hope make the difference. Plan B succeeds in rescuing all 33 miners in Copiapo, Chile.

Schramm, Inc. has received worldwide acclaim for its contribution to the historic and unprecedented rescue of 33 trapped miners in the Copiapo, Chile. As a 110 year old privately-held manufacturer and global supplier of hydraulic drills, there has been no higher calling in our company’s history. Schramm model T685 and model T130XD rigs truly made a difference. We are honored and humbled by all the media attention.

For more than 69 days, 33 miners of the San Esteban Mining Company were trapped 2,041 feet (nearly half-a-mile) below the earth’s surface after the walls of the mine collapsed on August 5th 2010. Their fate uncertain, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera sent out an urgent call around the world for the best technical expertise and equipment to come to the scene to rescue the miners.

On October 14th one by one, all the miners returned to the surface to be reunited with their families, thanks in part to drilling rigs manufactured in the U.S.A. by Schramm. First, our T685 mineral exploration rig operated by Terraservice drilled the 5 ½ inch hole that located the miners alive on day 17 of their ordeal. Next, a Schramm T130XD nicknamed “The Miracle” operated by Geotec Boyles Bros. became “Plan B” that drilled the successful 28 inch rescue hole that allowed the miners to be hoisted to safety.

Initial projections by the Chilean Mining Ministry said the rescue operation would reach the miners by Christmas, more than four months after the disaster began. Schramm and the entire “Plan B” Team reached the miners more than two months ahead of schedule. This successful outcome to the world’s most challenging mine disaster to date was a result of a remarkable international team effort, combined with the best equipment in the world, Schramm drilling rigs included.

Schramm is the market leader in top head drive rotary drilling rigs based on advanced hydraulic automation, “Made in USA” quality, strong work ethic and our 110 year commitment to our customers. We are driven by a company culture that places the importance of doing the right thing above bottom line financial performance. Doing the right thing for our employee’s families, community and the drilling industry is our reward.

All of us at Schramm are very thankful for the successful final result in Copiapo, Chile and the opportunity to play a small part in history. We promise to put what we’ve learned from this experience to work to increase mine safety and awareness around the world.

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